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My Simple Sentence

Info : Simple Sentence is a sentence which only have one independent clause.

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house. He invited me to go fishing in the river. I agreed with him and prepared the crickets. In that day, my friend named Anjar gave me the fishing rods, the fishing line, and the hooks. We made it together in his house. Sometimes, we talked about beautiful girls in our school. Anjar imagined Rani like a Miss Indonesia, Sandra Angelia. Then, I imagined Putri like a famous singer, Taylor Swift.

Wow, we were making a joke with our imagination. I laughed at his story when he fooled Rani because she didn’t understand Javanese. He ever said to her that he fell in love with Javanese, but she didn’t realize it. I said that why he didn’t tell the truth if he love her with our national language. He answered me that he was embarrassed. After that, I gave him support and motivation to be brave as a gentleman. He accepted it and would tell the truth to Rani in a good time. After a few minutes, our work was done. We went to the river. On the way, I looked at the cloud. It was cloudy. In several minutes, it began rain. Then, we used the banana leaves to avoid getting all wet. Aaah, we got unlucky because of talking someone.

You can read it, then please comment it if there are the wrong sentences...

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