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7 Sentences Using Coordinator FANBOYS

Do you know FANBOYS ? Let me answer it for you, FANBOYS is the abbreviation of the coordinators which are F = For, A = And, N = Nor,  B = But, O = Or, Y = Yet, and S = So.
They are Coordinators (Coordinating Conjunctions) to help making compound sentences.

So, let's check it out....

FANBOYS sentences :

1. My mother is buying two kilograms of chicken meats in the market now, for my father wants to eat Opor.
2. Pamela wrote a song lyric, and she sang it to her daughter.
3. Lucy does not wear Calvin-Klein clothes, nor does she buy them.
4. Dairy-Milk chocolate is very delicious, but it is very expensive.
5. We must do our religion obligation in our life, or we will feel the punishment from our God in the hell.
6. Kentung doesn’t eat too much meat, yet he is still fat.
7. I want to make my parents proud of me, so I must study harder from now.

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Please give me a comment on it if there are the wrong sentences...

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