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Complex Sentence

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A complex sentence contains one independent clause and one (or more) dependent clause(s). In a complex sentence, one idea is generally more important than the other. We place the more important idea in the independent clause and the less important idea in the dependent clause. There are three kinds of dependent clauses : adverb, adjective, and noun.
a. adverb clause begins with a subordinator, such as when, while, because, although, if, so, or that.
b. adjective clause begins with a relative pronouns, such as who, whom, which, whose, that, where, or when.
c. noun clause begins with a wh-question word, that, whether, and sometimes if.

Page 176-177 on Writing Academic English book

Equal Rights for Women

Russian women started to gain equality earlier than women in the United States because in the former Soviet Union, men and women had access to equal education and job opportunities, and that reflected the Soviet philosophy. Since the 1937 Soviet constitution declared that women and men had equal rights and responsibilities, and women joined the
workforce when millions of Russian men were away in the military during World War II, so Russian woman filled their places at work although Soviet women worked full time at their jobs, but they also had the primary responsibility for taking care of the family after finished their work, they had to shop, cook the evening meal, and perhaps wash, iron, or mend the family's clothes as soon as U.S women started to demonstrate that they
could do the work of men during World War II.

Nonverbal Communication

1.    Nonverbal communication , or body language, is used everywhere in the world which is a very powerful means of communication, and communicates much more than spoken words.
2.    One example of nonverbal communication is what occurs between parents and child whom parents smile at their child, they communicate love, acceptance, and reassurance, so the child feels comfortable and safe. The smile signifies approval when the child is happy and well adjusted.
3.     Another example of nonverbal communication is the image a person shows in public when a woman is walking alone on an unfamiliar and possibly dangerous street, but she wants to appear confident and walks quickly although she may be tired. She walks with her shoulders straight and her head held high whose eyes are focused straight ahead. When someone is looking at her, she returns the glance without hesitation. In contrast, a nervous woman appears afraid, and walks slowly with her shoulders and eyes down.
4.     Indeed, body language can express more than spoken language which merely by raising an eyebrow, clenching a jaw, or softening the eyes, a person can express disapproval, anger, or love, and is a very strong method of communication.

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