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My Future Plan

You know, everyone surely has dreams. In this time, I will tell you about my future plan. Firstly, I’m dreaming about girl. Everyone need the partner of life, so I want to marry with a girl especially moslem. And I hope she’s my forever partner in my life. Then we will make new family, those are children. How about my career? Well, I’m going to be good and enjoy teacher to my students. I’m going to educate them with my best I can do. And I’m going to give them motivations and advices every I teach because I want they to be smart, good, respectful to the other people. They are the next generation of this nation, Indonesia. Experience, knowledge, and religion are the composition that they need. It will give them the correct way to their life. And I hope they can apply their knowledge in their activities.

Beside that, in this world I’m living with other people and environment. In the future, I’m going to make my parents are happy and proud to me. And it’s very much to do with the other people such as help the neighbor, clean the ditch together and give what we have to them sincerely. Not only that, I’m going to save our environment because I like healthy and green zone. I’m sure that is very difficult, but I’m trying it from small thing like put the rubbish into the trash, plant some trees near my house, having walk to the near place, and save energy especially in electricity and gasoline. And finally, I’m going to prepare many things that my soul needed. I must do the moslem’s duty everyday in my life. Well, I think that’s my future plan.

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